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At Testmottagningen, we can now issue recovery certificates to those patients who have tested positive for covid at one of our clinics. The proof of recovery can be issued first 11 days after a positive test result and is valid for 180 days after it has been issued.

- We only test asymptomatic people
- A recovery certificate is issued as an additional service to our PCR test, there is no additional cost

To be able to get a recovery certificate from us, you need:
- Have a PCR test with a positive test result from one of our clinics
- A Swedish social security number
- Electronic mailbox (kivra, etc) or Swedish population registration address (if you do not have a digital mailbox, a recovery certificate will be sent to your population registration address)

Recovery certificates can only be obtained after a positive PCR test, not an antigen test.

At this [link] ( you can find more information about recovery certificates at eHälsomyndigheten.

[Here] ( you can read information about the recovery certificates that we issue at Testmottagningen.